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Steak Shapiro’s Juiciest 10 Steakhouses

Last Updated December 18, 2019

According to Atlanta Eats host, Steak Shapiro, “Atlanta is the best town in America for steakhouses.” In honor of June as National Steak Month, we talked to our “Steak” about when he is having a MASSIVE CARNIVORE CRAVING, where does he turn? (If you are not a big steak eater, check out “Steak’s” tips on what else to try!) Read on for his favorite steakhouses, in no particular order. 

1. Hal’s

Hal’s is one of Atlanta’s legendary restaurateurs that understands that the key to a special night is the coldest martini and the New Orleans Vibe.
Steak Tips: Oyster Rockefeller and creamed spinach.

2. Chops

Chops continues to be an Atlanta icon with a bar as lively as any spot in town.
Steak tips: Hong Kong Sea Bass and fried lobster tails.


3. Kevin Rathbun Steak

At Kevin Rathbun Steak, Atlanta’s premier chef delivers Atlanta’s Premier steakhouse experiences.
Steak tips: Charred jalapeno creamed corn and lobster fritters.


4. Bone’s

Steak calls this the classic Atlanta Steakhouse for both food and service.
Steak tips: lobster bisque and the best bread in the city!


5. New York Prime

New York Prime has lobsters big enough to tip your table over and the finest cut of meat in the city.
Steak tips: onion rings and boiled lobsters


6. The Palm

The Palm, perhaps no brand steakhouse internationally carries the caché of the Palm. Atlanta’s version is about big drinks and Italian flare.
Steak tips: Chicken parmesan and Gigi salad.


7. Kaiser’s

A must-try steakhouse in the heart of Sandy Springs created by two of the best chefs in the city, Peter Kaiser and Kevin Rathbun.
Steak tips: Prime porterhouse for 2 and the King Crab Cocktail.

dry aged ribeye from Kaiser's Chophouse

8. Pampas

Folks in the burbs have been flocking to Pampas since it opened.
Steak tips: the pork chop and the Argentinian sausage.


9. Fleming’s

At Fleming’s, tucked away in a strip mall in Dunwoody, there’s nothing ordinary about this classic steakhouse that has all of your bases covered.
Steak tips: Double thick pork rib chop and chipotle cheddar macaroni and cheese.


10. Mckendrick’s

Doug Mckendrick has built one of the legendary spots in Atlanta that does a big night out better than anyone in Atlanta.
Steak tips: the seafood tower and jumbo onion rings.


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